Staying independent

Lifeline and response service

"I want to feel safe and independent at home."

6 - Installation

After you have contacted us, and had your personal assessment, we’ll make arrangements to visit you and set up all your equipment.

  • Arranging your appointment


    We’ll contact you by telephone to arrange a suitable date to complete the installation of your equipment.

    There is nothing you need to do in advance but you, or someone you trust, needs to be at home when we come to install the equipment. This is so we can enter your property and access your landline telephone socket. You do not need an internet connection to use the equipment.

  • Equipment demonstration


    When we arrive and before we start to install your products, we’ll:

    • show you all the equipment you have chosen
    • explain how we plan to install it in your home and tell you if we need to use any screw fixings.

    You'll then be asked:

    • about any questions you may have
    • to confirm that you want to go ahead with your installation.

    Please note: if at this point you have any concerns, or decide that Lifeline is not for you, you may cancel it before we carry out the installation. Our installation team will leave your property and you will not be charged.

  • Installation


    If you are happy to go ahead with the installation of your products, we’ll:

    • complete the set up on your base unit and any other equipment
    • explain how each piece of your equipment works
    • demonstrate the base unit with a test call to our response team. This will also confirm everything is working correctly
    • confirm your payment method and help you complete a Direct Debit mandate (if required).